My name is Cora Bunnyguts & I am an artist/maker/visionary/fashion freak/VJ/Creatrix, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This website as a compendium of things that inspire me, as well as a home to showcase my own work.

I have always been a creative person, and it was something that my parents encouraged in me when I was young, sending me to arts summer camps and classes on the weekend. I think they might still have some of the silly pottery creations I made when I was 8. As I got older, my skills & interests matured and diversified. I took acting and dance classes in high school, and when I graduated high school, I decided to pursue my interest in fashion and costume, and went into costume studies in university. After I graduated university, I worked a bunch of odd jobs, from working a tailor shop hemming pants to working in a piercing and tattoo shop as receptionist and manager, but none of these jobs fulfilled my inner desire to create SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

This urge to create lead me into the world of burlesque, which also lead me into the world of circus, where I eventually ended up doing circus aerialist training for 2 years. Though I no longer perform on stage, I still have a great love for circus arts and burlesque, which lead me to where I am today – a part of the super duo team that creates and produces Cirque De Boudoir. Along with my partner DJ Davide, we have created a fantastical world to play and create in. It is my ultimate creative outlet – from costumes to graphic design to VJing – I get to make my visions come to life. This has also let me travel the world and work as a VJ with legendary event producers including Torture Garden (London, UK), Wasteland (Amsterdam, NL), Fetish Factory (Fort Lauderdale, FL), SMack! (NYC), the Ultimate After Party (Las Vegas, NV), New York Fetish Tribe (NYC), and others.

It is said that the life of an artist is a difficult life. In some ways that is true; money isn’t always in your life, you can get stuck for ideas, people don’t understand what you do or who you are, your ideas are not “profitable” or “marketable”. However, there is an immense joy in just creating something – this is a happiness that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Sometimes, many times, inspiration strikes you like a bolt of lightning, streaking out of the sky and straight into your head. When that creation is buzzing around in you – if you are an artist – you must get it out of your head and into the world – it is your imperative purpose for existence. I have always said that the day that I stop creating is the day that I will die, and I believe this is the truth.

So here I am. Creating. Making. Contributing my vision to the world.

BUNNYGUTS: VJ, Performance Artist, Graphic Designer, Costume-maker Extrodinaire, Mutli-disciplinary artist.

Currently available for bookings as a VJ – contact info@bunnyguts.com for bookings.